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[Character] Pinkie Pie
[Canon] My Little Pony: FiM
[RP] [community profile] luceti
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[Hello Luceti. Are you good with videos at awkward angles? Because this camera is pointed straight up in the air. Not only that, there seems to be something dangling from the tree. Something very... pink. It may take a moment, but you should eventually be able to make out the familiar pink form of Pinkie Pie, stuck up high in an apple tree. A garden hose is wrapped around her leg, keeping her in place. Her head also seems to be stuck. a watering can.


Well, anyway, the little pony is just going to swing there, squirming every now and then. Maybe you can be a good Samaritan and help her out? Or maybe she'll make a good pinata with how much candy is inside her.]
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[It's been about a week since Applejack has gone home, and Pinkie Pie has finally decided to show her face again. She's looking a bit different than she normally does, however. Her iconic cotton candy mane has fallen limp, lifeless, swaying hopelessly in the breeze as she shuffles aimlessly around the village.

She can't begin to process the idea that her friends aren't coming back. They didn't find a way home. Someone sent them away from her. And worse, if they do find a way back, they won't even remember being here in the first place. The surprise parties, the adventures, none of it mattered because no one who leaves will ever even know it happened. If that's true, then what's the point of doing anything at all?

She sighs to herself, staring down at her hooves.]

(Responses will be coming from [personal profile] nomorepoof.)
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Hiya, everypony!

[Did you guys need something to brighten your day? Well have a bright pink pony wearing an equally pink top hat and smoking a bubble pipe.]

I've been noticing lots n' lots of New Feathers popping up recently! So I said to myself, "Pinkie Pie, there's a whole lot of new people around!" Which I replied with "I know, right? We have to go welcome all of them!" But then I was like "But there's so many of them! It'd take days to say hi to them all!" [She alternates between putting the hat on and off. You know, so you can distinguish between Pinkies.]

"Days? That's horrible! We can't let them wait that long!" "Then what are we going to do?" "Duh, Pinkie, what you always do!" "Oh yeah, good idea!"

[She stops and takes a slow drag on her pipe, bubbles rising into the air.]

So I'm throwing a great big Welcome Party! [Giggle.] Maybe something fancy! Ooh! With masks! Nightmare Night is coming up soon, after all! That'd be fun, right?

I'll need a little time to get everything together, though. So I think I'll throw it... in a month. No! Two weeks. Yeah. Next weekend! It'll be great!

[She puts her hat back on, winking at the journal.]

Tell everypony, alright?
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[Looking for Pinkie? Well you might be in a bit of a surprise. The video begins with a new, yet familiarly pink human laying in bed, a tiny baby alligator laying in her lap. The girl awkwardly pokes at the pages, sometimes with her full palm. She may or may not have accidentally fumbled the journal into turning the camera on. She sighs in frustration, realizing that she isn't going to be able to turn it off, so she might as well roll with it.]

Uh, hiya, everypony. I didn't really want you all to see me like this but...

[She holds out one of her hands, wiggling the fingers.]

Does anypony know how to use these wigglies?

((Responses will be coming from [personal profile] cottoncandyhair!))
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[Pinkie had been preparing this little surprise for weeks. So far, her party life in Luceti has been a big success. But this? This one was a doozie. You can only imagine the look on her face when she found it in the item shop. Most of the things she comes across, she is careful to pick up. You never know when your new favorite trinket belongs to someone else. But this? There was no question. It's hers. And it was time to celebrate.

Mid-afternoon, she slowly creeps her way up to Fluttershy's room, doing her best to suppress her giggles. Normally Fluttershy was off-limits --too skittish-- for these sorts of things, as per her own rules. But as long as she's careful, she can surprise the little pegasus without too much collateral damage. When she reaches the door, she grins, slowly pushing the door open, before pushing a cannon inside the bedroom and firing a salvo of confetti and balloons at her bed.]

Surprise!! Look what I found this morning, Flutter--

[Except... there was no one there. In fact, nothing of hers was there. She couldn't even find the animals she was taking care of. There's no way she would just up and move them like that. It was just last night they were talking and laughing and enjoying themselves. What... is happening?]


[A few minutes later, Pinkie's journal feed opens, showing her laying on a bed curiously covered in confetti. She's not quite as enthusiastic as she normally is, and keeps looking around. Part of her believes that if she continues scanning the room, she'll come across some kind of clue as to where her best friend has gone.]

Hiya, everypony. I was just wondering if... anyone has seen Fluttershy? If you don't know her, she's a pegasus pony. Cream colored... with a pink mane. Super shy. Loves taking care of animals.

I... haven't seen her all day.
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[For the early risers in Luceti, around sunrise, you may happen to spot a certain little pink pony sneaking around the village. She tiptoes carefully across pathways, occasionally stopping to pose as various things. Maybe this would help her hide, if it wasn't for all the giggling and humming she was doing at the same time, muffled by the handle of the bag she carried between her teeth.

A few hours later, anyone wandering around will find these:

Absolutely everywhere; stuck to every tree, door and wall you could hope to find.

Of course, Pinkie isn't going to give anyone time to message her. She jumps on the journal herself. She grins from ear-to-ear, covered in little pink paint splotches barely noticable against her equally pink coat.]

Hiya, everypony! I hope you all found my invitations~! [Giggle.] I hope all of you come. But, if anypony wants to lend a hand getting things together, I'd really appreciate it! Mostly food and decorations, nothing too big, promise~.
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[Hello, citizens of Luceti. I hope you're all enjoying your daily routine. Picking up your lunch for the afternoon, or catching up on some reading by the fountain. Maybe even taking a trip to the item shop for some... window shopping.

Because you're not getting inside.

That's right. Anyone approaching the item shop will instantly notice the wagon in the doorway. A wagon holding a mountain of items so random that it would take some kind of evil genius to see how they all fit together. Or Pinkie Pie. You should probably suspect Pinkie Pie. The bubblegum-pink pony is happily darting from pile to pile, shelf to shelf, picking up and playing with just about everything she can get her hoofs on. Every once in a while, she'll gasp in excitement, before tossing an item onto her ever-growing mound.]

This is the best. Store. Ever!
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 Need to get a hold of Pinkie Pie and she somehow hasn't gotten to you first? This is where you go! Just please format your posts with the date and format the thread takes place in. Thanks~!


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